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Rimage Producer 8100 Refurb

Product Code: 530621-240

Rimage Producer 8100 Refurb
Refurbished Rimage Producer 8100. The Producer 8100 is perfect for applications demanding the ultimate in throughput, full-blown networking, and 'hands-off' operation. It is the most robust, feature-filled Producer ever designed and built for dependable operation in the most rigorous, high-volume industrial and commercial environments. It includes four recorders, a complete Control Center, and an external disc output bin.

In addition to utilizing the best in robotics and direct-to-disc print technologies, the Producer 8100 incorporates new, high-performance hardware and software for faster disc production, as well as advanced monitoring tools for at-a-glance job status and proactive alerts for replenishing disc and print ribbon supplies.

Other features include:

- 4 CD/DVD burners
- PrismPlus! Thermal Printer
- 300 disc capacity
- PC, keyboard, and mouse
- all cables and software
- 6 Month Warranty

Rimage part # 530621-240


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SONY has announced End Of Life plan for the 5.25" Magneto Optical (MO Disk) line up as of December 2014.  Their estimated run out date for all capacities is September 2015.
The global supply of all brands of Magneto Optical Disk will be greatly diminished going forward.  Please contact us with any questions you may have:  877-633-7873.
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