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Fujifilm LTO Ultrium 5 1.5TB/3.0TB

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Fujifilm LTO Ultrium 5 1.5TB/3.0TB

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Fujifilm LTO Ultrium 5 1.5TB/3.0TB
Fuji LTO-5, Ultrium-5 storage media is the latest midrange Data Cartridge storage product to use Fujifilm's proprietary NANOCUBIC thin-film coating process to reach the higher capacity and quality levels currently only found in enterprise-class systems. This Linear Tape Open (LTO), Ultrium 5, has a native capacity of 1.5TB (Native) / 3.0TB (Compressed) per cartridge.

The LTO technology is a powerful, scalable, adaptable open tape format developed and continuously enhanced to help address the growing demands of data protection in the midrange to enterprise-class server environments.

LTO 5 is the first LTO tape to allow dual partitions that can be independently accessed, providing improved data management and faster access to data. This feature enables the new Linear Tape File System (LTFS), which, if utilized, results in a self-describing tape that gives the ability to manage files directly on the tape and allows files to be viewed or accessed in much the same way as a disk or flash drive.

In addition, LTO Ultrium 5 technology offers AES 256-bit encryption capability that increases the performance value of tape storage in terms of security, and reinforces its importance as a reliable high-performance storage solution.

- High capacity and amazing transfer rates
- Capacity: 1.5TB (Native) / 3.0TB (Compressed)
- Dual partitioning capability
- LTFS feature in LTFS enabled drives & systems
- Transfer speed: 140MB/second (Native); 280MB/second (Compressed)
- Enhanced durability
- Encrypted for security
- Made possible by Fujifilm NANOCUBIC Technology

Fujifilm part # 16008030


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